Friday, June 05, 2009

UPDATE - recovered Debris now not from Air France A330 Airbus + intense flash of white witnessed seen before plane vanished

What is going on here? Just why didn't the media tell this correctly in the first place - now they changed their story .... First we were told debris recovery was underway now they were mistaken? How could they get the debris of an Airbus confused?

None of the debris found so far in the Atlantic Ocean was from the Air France Airbus a330 flight 447 that disappeared on Sunday night, Brazilian military officials have said. "We have not recovered any parts of the aeroplane so far," Ramon Borges Cardoso, the director of the Air Space Control Department, was quoted as saying on the Terra website.

After inspection it was determined the pallet could not have come from the plane.
"We confirm that the pallet found is not part of the debris of the plane. It's a pallet that was in the area, but considered more to be trash," he said.

The pallet found was made of wood, he said, and the Air France Airbus A330 that vanished Monday did not have any wooden pallets on board. "That's how we can confirm that the pallet isn't part of the remains of the aircraft."
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Just what was the ' intense flash of bright light ' witnessed by two pilots before the AirBus A330 vanished?:

MADRID - A pilot of the Spanish airline Air Comet covering the route between Lima and Madrid saw a white flash in the area where the Air France plane went missing, the daily El Mundo reported Thursday.

El Mundo quoted a report by the pilot to his airline.

Two pilots and a passenger who was in the galley of the plane “suddenly saw far away a strong and intense flash of white light” which plunged vertically downwards and disappeared in six seconds, the pilot wrote.

The pilot had also observed storms with electric activity and cloud formations near his route.

Air Comet confirmed the existence of the report to El Mundo, saying it had been passed on to the Spanish civil aviation authorities, Airbus and Air France.

The report re-launched the hypothesis of an explosion as the cause of the accident, though it was now deemed likelier that the pilot had lost control of the plane after serious turbulences led to equipment failures, El Mundo said.
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Você vive no Nordeste do Brasil? Por favor email mim se você tiver quaisquer relatórios de Ufo ovni visto ao longo dos últimos meses, isto é muito importante.
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Anonymous said...

why are you covering this?

are you going to cover all plane accidents on this website?

what's going on?

Anonymous said...

YOu must remember one thing: there's this Insurance thing: show some debri, decide the plane broke completely, pocket the insurance money, and let people suffer. Media is already not showing interest in this flight.

Anonymous said...

CNN posted this morning about other objects found. " one object with a diameter of 7 meters (23 feet) and 10 other objects, some of which were metallic"

Anonymous said...

Where is the Airplane?

(1) The South Atlantic Anomaly

(2) UFOS are known to gather around thunderstorms ( maybe gathering energy for their spacecrafts) Perhaps it collided with one?

(3)Remember the Philadelphia Experiment?

claypaff said...

Vanishing plane and passengers
Air speed changes
white flash
no wreckage

Sounds clear to me...
We will never be told what really happened, and whatever we hear from this point on will be uncertain.
My Guess is, sounds like a typical UFO senario, but again, we will likely never hear that from any authority or from the media. Such would demand discloser from everyone.

Anonymous said...

might wanna check this out, the turkey ufos are back new footage.

Anonymous said...

A TRANSPORTER ON-BOARD a mile-wide UFO would not take a huge strain on the imagination. - If one can believe the recent pilot reports on the sizes of obviously non-terrestrial craft exist then that alien technology is far beyond what many humans consider possible. "The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence".

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