Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Near miss with Ufo says Pilots leaving Houston Bush Intercontinental AIRPORT 27th May 2009

Talking about the threat to Aircraft from Ufos heres yet another new report showing Ufos are very interested with our airports and planes -
- A strange object was spotted Friday night by pilots of a plane that just had just taken off from Bush Intercontinental Airport. And now, federal investigators are trying to pinpoint what the flying object was.
Eyewitnesses say the object, possibly a rocket, came close to hitting the plane. The Continental Express plane, operated by Express Jet, was flying from Houston to South Carolina last night when it happened.
The plane had just left Bush Airport around 8:20pm Friday when the captain reported seeing the object about 150 feet away. According to the FAA, the incident occurred about 11,000 feet into the air above Liberty County.
On Saturday, sheriff's officials interviewed two Hardin High School students who reported seeing the object come close to the plane. radar.
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Anonymous said...

interesting how this article has no comments. it was only a near collision with an huge airplane full of passengers, who reported seeing a possible missle. that's not serious or anything lol. typical government "suits" putting the little "hush hush" thing on this, due to the fact that if they can't control it (and they can't control ufo's), they want to pretend they don't exist. fucking idiots.