Friday, June 05, 2009

UFO over Bratislava Slovakia Republic June 2nd 2009

Yet another Ufo seen over Bratislava Slovakia Republic 2nd June 2006.
As you know one was reported over a month ago at the end of april here

Policemen reacted on many phone calls, which alert them on 19 mysterious bodies.
"We watched these objects at an angle of 45 degrees."
"I took a camera and did shoot it. It was appearing as big flaming balls."
"Naturally, I cannot determine a distance, but that airplane blinked and we heard it, and it was under them."
"The videorecording was viewed also at a Slovak meteorologic institute in Bratislava, and they do not know to explain. However, ufologists understand."
"I can say that visible phenomena are not connected with a weather. That night was clear weather, temp. cca 12 deg. C, light wind in Trencin. Nothing what would have testified to some optical phenomena."
"It is UFO..."
"Objects was changing formations and disappeared soon. At first sight it seemed as a constellation, but ufologist denies it."
"Because stars at filming create a certain spectrum around them."
"It was bigger in comparison with stars, I'd say a shape of a football and a pin."
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