Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Did you see the Low flying fireball Ufo over Melbourne ?

A low flying ufo over melbourne Australia has been making news since last night. We would like to hear from anyone who actually saw the object, if they have further photos and if they think the object was a meteor or not.

A fiery low-flying object that lit up the Melbourne skyline last night has created a buzz among locals wondering about the origins of the dazzling object. The spherical object flew from west to east about 8.40pm AEDT.

"It was very low in the sky, going from west to east, it had a large burning ball at the front with a thin trail behind it," Yvonne Greig said.

"I was looking out towards the city and I saw a comet, it was white in colour, had a very big trail behind it — I was waiting for it to hit earth, it seemed to be that close," Paul Zuegn said. Read more source

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Anonymous said...

We were waiting for the space station to go over when we saw the fireball from Eltham. A classic large meteor or space junk. Most articles are mixing up the Venus-Jupiter junction sightings with the fireball today though.

Anonymous said...

We (5 individuals) saw it last night around 8:50pm. Moving across the sky s-w to n-e faster than a plane but as low as a helicopter. Star size but brilliant white/green light with tail. One piece broke off the main part and both disappeared in the sky above the dandenong ranges after traveling along for around 10 seconds.
About an hour later a star (white) which had been stationary for several hours, moved from the west sky to east sky at an extreme altitude. It took about a minute at a consistent speed then stopped in a similar area to the previous event and slowly faded to nothing.

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