Friday, March 04, 2011

More Uk Mod British UFO files released - 3rd March 2011

National archives in the Uk released more Ufo files today are part of a timed release of the nationals Ufo records.  Click here to go over the new files yourself.
Files released in March 2011 The files contain a wide range of UFO-related documents, drawings, letters and parliamentary questions covering the years 2000-2005.
Nick Pope former Uk Mod Officer talks about the latest file release:

LONDON // Britain released its X files on Thursday - more than 8,000 pages of reports of UFO sightings and international concerns over the possibility of a close encounter of the third kind.

Ranging from the inexplicable to the absurd, the extra-terrestrial files released by the UK's National Archives illustrate how incidents were discussed at the highest level of government and by security services worldwide, including at the UN and CIA.

The previously classified reports show, for instance, that in 2003, governments internationally discussed a sighting in south-east England when a family captured on film red and white lights zigzagging their way across the sky.

Several police officers, including a helicopter crew, also saw the lights although radar checks revealed nothing unusual in the area.

"A policeman sent to investigate confirmed the sighting," the report reads. "Objects were moving faster than any man-made aircraft."

The files also show that, in 1967, Britain went on a "War of the Worlds" footing for several hours after a half-dozen, beeping and apparently seamless silver saucers were found in a perfect line across southern England.

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