Monday, October 06, 2008

Michael Tellinger on lunar anomalies

Publisher and TV Producer Michael Tellinger discusses lunar anomalies (which i have posted about many times before guys) and a new archeological discovery in South Africa which could reveal secrets of early man:

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Posters comments;
Tellinger talked about strange aspects of the moon which suggest that it is more than just a natural satellite revolving around the Earth. He cited a number of oddities, including how astronauts spoke in code about UFOs seen there, instruments which picked up water vapor despite mainstream science saying there was no atmosphere there, and longstanding observations of lights on the lunar surface. On what the moon may really be, Tellinger opined that it is "most likely being used as a base for extraterrestrial craft."

Later, he discussed a South African site dubbed "Adam's Calendar" which his research indicates is around 75,000 years old. "We have found something truly remarkable, truly unique, and most likely the oldest manmade structure on earth," Tellinger marveled. According to surveyors who have examined it, the site was "a circular structure, like Stonehenge" that featured rocks which aligned with "the cardinal geographical points of Earth" along with the solstices and equinoxes. He explained that the dating of the site was derived from the fact that it did not match up with the contemporary position of the Sun, thus via archaeoastronomy they determined the age of the monument.
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Anonymous said...

False science! Michael Tellinger and Johan Heine are the authors of a fictional work, Adam's Calendar. The ideas put forward in their book come largely from the writings of Zecharia Sitchin. Tellinger is described as a scientist but has never published any scientific work that I could find which has been peer reviewed by other scientists. It is stated in the book that the site was dated by Bill Hollenbach who is an amateur astronomer not an archeologist. They do not state how the dating was done and it does not appear that they used scientifically accepted methods since none of them including Tellinger and Heine have archeological expertise. I can make no comment on their theories but would like to point out that their evidence of the site being 75,000 years old – implying that it was constructed 75,000 years ago is false science. The rocks may be 75,000 years old but that does not mean the construction of the so called Adam’s Calendar is the same age.

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