Wednesday, July 08, 2009


No idea where this was.. does anyone have an idea? shows fleet of ufos in the daylight in the city
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Rod said...

I'm guessing it's in mexico from the dialect of spanish and the cars in the pictures. They are also speaking with a certain accent from mexico and the term "No Manches" is used by mexicans a lot. There is a lot of funny ass comments in the note especially those of "They're going to attack us! It's the end of the world I told you."

The camera man acknowledges multiple times that he see's multiple objects coming in and out of view. That they are not planes, or any other object he's ever seen before.

Anonymous said...

Really, if this isn't fake, which it is not, and if this is not some military operation, it is a disgrace to world military power. Coz, imagine how so many lights fly by without anyone able to do anything!

Dr Reason said...

Amazing how advanced alien technology traveling billions of miles manifest themselves as balloons floating carelessly through the skies of Mexico. Of course, one could never think that holiday traditions or memorial events like balloon releasing could ever explain such a phenomena - it MUST be alien technology.

Also truly amazing is how with a mere three points, we have a triangle. How incredible.

Straws. Clutching at.



Anonymous said...

Anon, you are using a double negative - "isn't" & "not", which means, of course, that you believe it is a fake.
I believe it to be a mass acsention of balloons designed to fool the people in the video.

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