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Tierra del Fuego Chile - Ufo hotspot & base ? ovni

The coast of South America is always busy with ufo activity .. from Chile to Argentina to Brazil , why are ufos fascinated with that continent?

Now the region of Tierra del Fuego looks like a major ufo hotspot with a 'Ufo base' according to some recent reports. I looked into this further and actually found a plethora of reports from that area (- if you search for the term in google ' ovni ' which means ufo in spanish & the area you get many reports..)... so it does look like some major ufo activity is happening in that region - as seen below:

Rumours have long circulated amongst the current Chilean and Argentinean populations of a deep hole in the area that reaches to the centre of the earth.

This publication has received information from government sources suggesting that indeed a secret UFO base has been discovered by researchers on Tierra del Fuego’s remote Hoste Island: a territory of Chile. The UFO base is believed to exist beneath an icy plateau that lies between some of the island’s many mountain peaks. While the exact purpose of the base is not yet known, government scientists have monitored and recorded large luminous objects entering and exiting the plateau. Analysis of these objects has shown them to be consistent with other UFOs seen and picked up by radar: such as the enormous UFO seen above Alaska by Japan Airlines pilots in 1986.
At least four giant UFOs have been filmed disappearing beneath this plateau in the last decade. The UFOs were all large glowing yellow spheres. Some sceptical scientists have claimed that they might not be UFOs but rather other natural phenomenon such as ball lighting or even gaseous orbs created by weather conditions.
June 10 2009 ovni (ufo) landing in Tierra del Fuego

The strong flash seen on Sunday's dark evening in Tierra del Fuego left no doubt whatsoever to the presence of an unidentified flying object over the Darwin Range.

"The vehicle remained motionless for some 20 minute sin the sky. It was then that began observing it more intently, and the first thing we saw was the apparent "break-off" of a small, brilliant orb," said attorney Juan José Arcos.

Regional UFO researcher Eugenio Bahamonde admits that there has been an increase in the number of sightings.
Fifteen days ago, he was sent photographs of an alleged "landing", which left a circle in
the ground.
More reports from the area:

(just a reminder also ...If you live in south America please email me if you have seen ufos.)
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