Friday, July 10, 2009

UFO Sighting Boca Raton, Florida news video

BOCA RATON, FL--Residents in a Boca Raton neighborhood say they looked up Monday night around 9 pm and saw a mysterious green light.Ryan Helfrich says, "this thing was going crazy zig zagging, like shot across the sky. That was unbelievable! Like nothing I've ever seen before."
They claim it drew images in the sky for two and a half hours read more - Article Source
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3etweya said...

LoL "green Lazer" u say dont make me laugh even the guy who said makes me laugh as well. c'mon have an open-mind. nothing in this world i imposible yet they want to think that why. i do believe in this quote "NOTHING IS IMPOSIBLE" i live by this code. as u said matt they're getting more & more closer to us than even befor. the Quistion is "when..?!". plus i cant stop dreaming about the same dream all the time!! what the hell is going on

Joseph Capp said...

A laser pointer... and the astronomer "knows definitely it's not a UFO"? May I ask how they made the balloon speed off in one direction?
What is evidence? Is radar, ground and pilot radar evidence of a UFO...if it is never identified. We give a fighter pilot some of the most dangerous weapons in the world. We trust them with this power. We believe in their observations. Yet when they see a UFO (600 were reported by pilots in the early 1950s alone) then suddenly they mean nothing. Is that scientific? If pilots only saw them and their was no supporting evidence then maybe some might ask they may not be real. But when you have ground crews, pilots, base radar, plane radar confirm massive object larger than aircraft carriers in the sky... in the 1950s. When you have a government not wanted to panic the people and slapping a lid on the more sensitive material - any scientist with common sense would know this enigma deserves investigation.
Also when a scientist claims he "knows" when he can't possibly know...then a scientist is not answering the question, a zealot is.
Joe Capp
UFO Media Matters
Non-Commercial Blog

Anonymous said...

I loved the way that they said it was not a UFO. They don't know what it is but it is not a UFO. Did I miss something in class. I mean, if it's an object (Light, spaceship, meteor, etc), and its flying in the sky, and you don't know what it is. Isn't that a UFO? So how can they say its not a UFO when they don't know what it was? Come on people wake up. Learn what UFO means. :)

Bloggin with Big Momma. said...

Wouldnt our gov. pick up such things on a radar from outer space and be able to pin point where the object is going, etc. I think we wouldve had media coverage longbefore it was seen in Boca.....Like "Its comingggggggggggggg". But then there are those who say our gov. would 'hide' stuff like this and NOT want to tell beforehand smething is coming.why? I dont get it. I think it wouldve A. been picked up on some radar coming into our space and B. we would be warned!! But thats just me....Rem new pres. new set of rules, RIGHT???

Anonymous said...

I think Aliens have space-ships that we can't see on radar!!!

Anonymous said...

i saw this green light in the summer of 2006 in boca raton south of Palmetto Rd, maybe about 7 miles inland from the beach. it was above the clouds just floating motionless and then suddenly fell extremly fast into the clouds were i couldnt see it anymore. i got the chills and just 'knew' it was out of this world

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