Tuesday, July 07, 2009

BIG UFO FLYING LOW over Dundee Scotland 3rd july 2009

Dundee Scotland filmed 3rd July 2009, 02:23:06
This ufo was spotted to the west and lost him at the east of dundee
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Chrisj2110 said...

Jesus! now that is BIG. Im surprised that a lot more people did not see this one... I sure as hell would have noticed it instantly!

And that is certainly no meteor or aircraft.... Interesting. It does not seem faked.

Anonymous said...

Big? It is not possible to know if it is big. Bright does not equal big. There is simply no way for the brain to judge size accurately for an object in the sky.

Secondly, it is just a light. Meteor, ball lighting, and virtually every man made flying machine gives off light.

It is interesting but is not significant.

Anonymous said...

Please excuse me. But this is fake. This man has filmed from inside a glass window.

Anonymous said...

This is almost certainly an airplane. There are no sudden movements that are unexplained and nothing out of the ordinary happens!! When something zig-zags across the sky in front of you 20 or so times over a 30 minute period, and you get it on video unlike I was able to do, then you can claim its a UFO!!!!

Anonymous said...

looks like he was filming from a tripod but i would wait and see if anyone else in that area has seen it it is way to big or bright to just have been seen by one person.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has watched a satellite cross the sky would recognise this as one. Perhaps the space station.

It travels fast and if it is reflecting the sun well will seem brighter than anything else in the sky.

[email protected] said...

@anonymous who said it was a plane;
Are you an expert? I'm sorry but to me it looked as if several times throughout this footage the object seemed to make strange maneuvers going from the foreground to the background of the frame, indicating it was traveling quickly to and fro. I'm not even an expert and I could tell that this was NOT a plane.

Anonymous said...

dude that is some spectacular footage... just throw it on the mounting pile of "obvious ufo" !
honestly, who are the twits who think this is not straight up !
The thing is... their always up there....no one seems to care!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My guess is it's just a jet flying with afterburners on. Iv lived in Dundee nearly all my life and I'v seen them do it sometimes around here, though i dont think they are supposed to so close to citys :). look up raf leuchars on googlemaps, its an airforce base just across the river tay from dundee.. these guys are just being chumps :P

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