Monday, July 06, 2009

The Ufo over Michigan City, - Indiana highway July 1 2009

Do you live in Michigan City and did you recently see a Ufo earlier this month ?- real ufos wants to know so please respond to this post.

A Michigan City, Indiana, couple driving along Highway 2 saw an unusual craft in the sky, according to witness testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database:

July 1, 2009, going home (West) Hwy2, Michigan City, IN. Wife and husband about 8:30 p.m. (dusk) when suddenly on the outskirts of town we observed what i thought to be an ingenious 4th of July stunt.

As it became closer I realized we were seeing something truly unique.

Yes, a real UFO! The craft had a dark mass underneath and a bright orange/yellow bright light spuing out an aura of same. It continued at a steady speed approximately 70 mph at about 500 feet in height. I could not pull over so continued on as it passed directly over our vehicle. Wife put her head out of the window, looking straight up at the bottom of the craft, and saw what I have drawn, the bottom was flutted black/gray with indentations, with a round, bright light of orange/yellow in the middle and she probably got the best view of it. I then found a parking lot, pulled in, ran out and grabbed the binoculars.

The height of the craft had increased by this time to about 800 feet and I zeroed in on it. The bright, flaring light had dimmed to a ring of continuous light of the same vibrant red/orange color and distinctive black round disk-like rearend.

There was no noise. It gained in altitude to about 1500 feet and my wife said it made a slight curve (turn) but maintained speed. Just then another motorist pulled in beside us to ask- what the heck is that??!! He and his son saw it too. I watched as it disappeared out of sight, and gained more height.

There is no reasonable explanation for this sighting. It had no wings so that its slow speed would invariably send it stalling to the ground. No balloon I know of could have such a varied light show this displayed with such intensity. I am a recreational pilot, and have a good sense of height and size. The size was approximately 30 feet in diameter.
source - MUFON
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Anonymous said...

July 5th, 2009, I was watching fireworks with family at Goshen, IN. We saw exactly the same thing. Same color and general speed. A lot of people saw it go past, but it was far enough in the distance for people to mistake it as jet headlights at first, until it moved into a position eventually where the headlights would have been facing away.

At that point, I figured maybe it was a Shuttle in re-entry returning to NASA, seeing as how it was heading in a southern direction, but upon looking up space activity, we apparently have no shuttles in space, and we have one supposedly prepared to launch July 11th. That's when I Googled "UFO Indiana" and saw this.

Steve said...

On July 4th, me and a group of about 30 people on 3 boats tied together on Diamond Lake in Cassopolis, MI to watch the fireworks and we saw the object described. It was in the sky above us for a full 5 minutes before gaining altitude and disappearing. there MUST be many other witnesses out there as there were over a hundred boats on the lake that night!

Indiana said...

On or around May 25,2009 Two discs crashed into the woods Indiana Dunes State Park approximately one to two minutesapart. They both crashed in a similar fashion. I was traveling west on US 20 at approximately 9:30 pm. The first one seemed to be "losing power" coasting at a downward angle towards the Lake ( north)across US 20, when suddenly it appeared to hit an "Invisible wall" and sank straight down into the trees. I was still amazed about what i'd seen , when a second one did the "same thing"!! It happened a minute or so later the same exact thing happened to the second disc near the same area. I did not report it. That evening later as well as the next day there were f-14s and 5 black helicopters near the vicinity. The black helicopters were hanging around this area for a week after the incident. I was curious about this even several weeks later and went on a search mission and found the area in the park where I saw them crash.An extremely large tree had been twisted and "ripped" up by the root. The elderly man who lives in the house near where it happened around the same time said he cant remember anything, just that there were horrible loud rumbling/humming noises that made the house shake. He said he woke up the next morning he couldnt believe how a perfectly healthy large tree whose diameter was nearly the same height as him had been totally pulled up by the roots and twisted and thrown down across his yard... I investigated this horrific sight and I cannot explain how this could happen to that monster tree. There was a white powderlike material near it. It didnt touch it, I was afraid of it. I became nauseated and dizzy after being there near it and had to get away, I felt sick and dizzy. He says he cant remember anything else.. Curious, do you think the Men-in Black had something to do with that. Everyone else saw the helicopters and heard the f14s overhead.. He remembers nothing..

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