Monday, July 06, 2009

Mysterious Circles Shock Locals in Russia

Mysterious Circles Shock Locals in Russia

Mysterious pictograms consisting of several circles have appeared on a wheat field in Southern Russia’s Krasnodar region. Was it someone’s joke or did aliens visit us?

Sky watchers in southern Russia are trying to explain the appearance of geometrically perfect crop circles in a field. The mystery has attracted dozens of UFO experts in search of extraterrestrial life.

From a bird’s eye view you can clearly see the perfect geometrical figures: giant circles and connecting lines drawn on a wheat field.

Who or what caused them to appear overnight remains a mystery.

The site is near the small village of Dinskaya in Russia’s southern Krasnodar region, right next to a busy highway. Nonetheless the circles usually appear at night and nobody saw the culprits.

Local reporters have already turned it into a landmark and families go to take photos.

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Anonymous said...

Obvious control of the world wide media to ridicule and suppress the ufo topic. It's amazing how the media can't even be open minded to the fact they may not be of human origin. they could be formed by natural causes if not by ETs. I though I was watching a clip from the 1950s or Fox News when they mentioned "little green men".

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm convinced these crop circles are all man-made, a genre of "underground" action art developed mainly in the UK and spreading internationally. They are carefully planned and drawn up in e.g. AutoCAD, and then executed by teams with military precision. There's too much banality and New Age junk in the figures for them to be anything else.

Now let's ask ourselves why there aren't any snow circles in winter.

Anonymous said...

I can´t comment on the views of circles because there aren´t . The speaker is stupid ant try to joking on the theme showing ignorance and despite for it.
The entry is really interesting and, probably , deserve more deep research. If the crop circles on Russia are true they would showing the universality of the phenomenon. Thanks,

Anonymous said...

Those circles are really badly made...and they are simple. Manmade...

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