Monday, July 06, 2009

Jaime Maussan on the Moving Spheres

Jaime Maussan always comes out with some crazy stuff, sometimes it find his credbility questionable but sometime she does have good finds. Go too around the 4:30 mark - are we looking at a string of ballon or something really legit.

and some more Jaime stuff, this first sts 84 ufo is interesting .. not sure about the rest
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markymint said...

great footage whatever it is!

Anonymous said...

i dont know what hes saying but the orbs look legit one ballon stays stationary while the other flys around connected by a string i dont see this possible.when he speaks english he has these long pauses while talking which gets on my nerve but i really like his jumping alien in the dark.i think he is a he and not a she.

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