Sunday, July 05, 2009

Bright flashing ufo over Xian China - mass reports sighting July 2 2009

There seems to be a mass of ufo sightings all over china at the moment.
No doubt their state run media is trying to keep this under the wraps but some videos are making it out of the area
RealUfos would like to hear from you if you live in China and have seen the bright flashing ufo recently.RealUfos想听听你如果你住在中国,并看到了明亮的闪光飞碟最近。
Credit to allnews web for this
A bizarre Blue red UFO has been seen by millions of Chinese citizens in a number of cities across the nation over a period of a few days.
The last one was seen over Chengdu on July 2, near China's UFO anomalous zone.
Now it has come to light that the same UFO had stunned thousands of residents of the central Chinese city of Xi'an only the night before.The sighting has jammed news hot lines and created panic in the areas where it has appeared.

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3etweya said...

is me or this ufo is sending a mors code?!

BeOS said...

There was an UFO on July 2 at about 8:40pm. It flashes different colors.
After 20mins, it moved southwest and disappeared

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