Saturday, July 11, 2009

What were these two bright objects seen over Romania?

No info on this one, does anyone have any idea what these two bright objects seen over Romania are?
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Anonymous said...

sorry but i meant to vote on the tracey austin video, this one is pants

nick dk said...

Looks like flares to me

Anonymous said...

I like authentic UFO videos as much as the next person...but this one is not real!

It seems I have been Negative Ned the past few times I have posted a comment. Well, here I go again. At the very beginning of this video, you can make out a couple more mountains in the background...but only for a split second. since it's really foggy, the mountains are well covered up. That's why the lights on the mountain road (probably car head lights) look like they are just floating in the air.

Anonymous said...


Appearance at near-identical heights, followed by slow descent and "going out".

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