Tuesday, April 13, 2010

UFO Seen Over The City Of Liupanshui In China

News chinese Ufo report makes the news over there.

In February of last year a remarkable UFO event took place in the city of Liupanshui in Ghuizou Province in China. Around a dozen firemen noticed a dazzling UFO hovering above their heads. One of the witnesses managed to take a photo of the UFO. The story made news worldwide.

Now the Chinese army as well as local scientists have admitted that they also observed this UFO on that occasion and on a number of other occasions. Footage of the event has finally been released showing the remarkable craft of possible alien origin

The object as been analysed and no earthly explanation has been agreed on.

Chinese scientists working at astronomical stations generally concede that aliens are visiting earth. China is seen as having a much more open and honest attitude to Extraterrestrial visitation to Earth and UFOs.
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