Monday, April 12, 2010

Huge V-Shaped UFO Emitted Beam to monitor cargo inside C-5 plane - USAF Airman

Listening to Coast to Coast AM this week a very interesting report came in directly from a US airforce pilot who recounts experience with a huge beam emitted from a Ufo directly over his USAF c-5 plane  while it was still on a US Airforce base .  The UFO was particularly interested in the cargo of the aircraft and monitored it with this 'beam' for some time. He details his experience from 1969 in the below Radio interview with  Linda Moulton Howe which i highly recommend listening to.

Although we don't know what the cargo was in this case, it is well known that many direct Ufo cases  occur on military bases specifically with the intention to disable and monitor nuclear weapons ( i have posted about this link numerous times).

The big V-shaped craft was in its silent hover position and it turned on a beam of light ... and directed it like a laser beam onto the C-5, like it was aiming the beam right towards the cargo bay area.” - “Steve,” former USAF Airman, Southern California

Witness diagram of event:
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