Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nick Pope talks about the UFO Fighter Jet chase west Midlands in the UK

Nick pope talks about the Ufo filmed in the west Midlands in the UK and why the MoD didn't declare it as a fake first up:
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Anonymous said...

Just Google " Footage of two fighter F16 jets chasing UFO a bad CGI Hoax"


And you will know the truth....

Note : Check the comment section of above link !!

Anonymous said...

Is Nick Pope so easily fooled? He initially called this "one of the best videos I've seen". Now he backs down to "50-50". Doesn't exactly do much for his credibility as a UFO researcher.

Push Back said...

No one can be trusted. For those of you that have close contact with alien craft and aliens , use any means to bring them out in the open. Talk em in to it or shoot them down , what ever it takes. No one can be trusted , if you want or need it to happen , then you will have to do it. Many humans think they are thinking clearly , the truth is they are not. Many humans thinking only goes so far and then they stop thinking. A few , very few humans that read this will be able to move past the block in their minds.

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