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Sheep mutilations continue - a major issue now in the UK

Following on from the UK Telegraphs and sun's interesting articles last week on the subject last week, more is coming out on the scale of sheep mutilations in the UK. Note: RealUfos would like to hear from anyone living in the UK near areas of the below map who may have seen Ufos of mutilated sheep.
I was shocked after i recently saw the photos of the sheep mutilations from Linda Moulton Howe's latest article on earthfiles.com:

“A retired police officer saw a fleet of six red-orange spheres on New Year’s Eve (December 31, 2009) that were approximately 30 to 50 feet in diameter” in the Radnor Forest area of sheep mutilations.”
– Phil Hoyle, U. K. Animal Pathology Field Unit

“How do you catch a sheep at that time of the night (April 5, 2010) in the dark and butcher them like this? It's got to be somebody who knew what they were doing.” - Kay Thompson, Hamsterley, Durham, U. K.

April 13, 2010 Radnor Forest, Shropshire, U. K. - In January and February 2010, the British Animal Pathology Field Unit (APFU) led by Phil Hoyle and Mike Freebury investigated three, bloodless sheep mutilations in the Radnor Forest area of Wales . A year ago in March 2009, the men also investigated the bloodless mutilation of four ewes on the same farm.

Now in the first week of April 2010, a dozen young sheep were discovered cut up bizarrely on the Low Weatherhill Farm in Hamsterley, Durham, in northern England. The owner, Kay Thompson, said the animals had been skinned, gutted and decapitated. “How do you catch a sheep at that time of the night, in the dark, and butcher them like this? It's got to be somebody who knew what they were doing.” These strange April sheep deaths resonate with the question: who or what is killing and mutilating animals in the United Kingdom now and in the past?

Continue reading this article and see the images at EarthFiles.com

Sheep abduction alley - where the majority of mutilations of sheep occur in the UK:

Richard D. Hall interviews Mike Freebury of the Animal Pathology Field Unit. Mike has been investigating strange animal deaths in the Dartmoor region. One particular area of Dartmoor has suffered a large quantity of unexplained sheep deaths. Mike also explains interferance he has encountered from the authorities, who accessed his mobile phone records.

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Interesting Extract From the telegraph last week:
Unexplained sheep attacks 'caused by aliens in UFOs', farmers claim A series of bizarre incidents involving sheep in Shropshire have led to farmers’ claims that aliens are attacking their livestock.
Farmers near Shrewsbury claim to have witnessed sheep being “lasered” by unidentified light from UFOs.

They have linked the unexplained incidents, where sheep’s brains and eyes were removed, to the mysterious orange lights in the sky.

They have found sheep with “neat holes” while their brains and other internal organs were removed. Other animals have lost eyes or had their flesh “carefully stripped away”, usually on the left side.
Phil Hoyle, 53, who has spent almost a decade investigating how the livestock have died, said the UFOs were found to have roamed a 50-mile "corridor" between Shrewsbury and Powys.
Mr Hoyle and 15 members of the Animal Pathology Field Unit, claimed they witnessed UFOs at work last month while working during the night at a Welsh hill farm near Radnor Forest.

“The technology involved in these attacks is frightening,” he told The Sun.
“These lights and spheres are clearly not ours.
“They are built by technology and intelligence that's not from here.”
He added: “For a short while it looked more like a Star Wars battle.”
Source read more
Ufologist explains his sheep mutilation encounters:
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Rod said...

I think these are possibly drones? and are operated by or for the SAS. The SAS are eating the sheep on their exercises or are using them as a cover up for their clandestine operations to add an air of mystery and hence the UFO story.
I have come across similar events minus the sheep {as far as I know}in the Black Mountain area near Hay, way back in the 60's. I startled what I beleive was an SAS operative in a small fir tree copice one night miles from anywhere. He did a runner. Some years previous near by my friend encountered a weird aerial light hovering over a large forestry plantation on Cusop Hill. I feel there is a plausible explanation to what is happened but the agenda of the SAS will always remain a mystery and rightly so.

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