Friday, April 15, 2011

A further look at FBI's The Vault new files and the Hoover documents

Im getting alot of emails from people who have gone over the FBI's recent files release on Ufos.
There is some really interesting stuff in the Vault and if you have time check the files out yourself.
It seems that former FBI chielf J Edgar hoover, had involvement in the governments Ufo investigations, particularly during his time as head of the FBI in the 1950's.

There are numerous documents referencing his name as FBI director on requests for information on Ufos. The recent Roswell memo has spurred much debate and indicated that Hoover was well aware that a Ufo did infact crash there. Of interest there are also documents on Ufo cases from the  National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) and  Office of Special Investigations showing the Ufo topic was taken seriously by the US government since the 1940's.  Read more
If you have gone over the files please reply to this post or email me any areas of interest.

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Anonymous said...

its still Thursday April 14th :)

Anonymous said...

^so? whats the significance?

Randall said...

It's not Thursday April 14th if you live Europe.

As for the documents from the FBI, my opinion is that it's a precursor to something much bigger that's about to take place.

However there is always that lingering feeling that it's just another white wash of disinformation.

What makes it really hard to decide is for either one to work, disinformation or yes it's all true they've been here all along (extraterrestrials), the mega corporate mind control media would need to drive it to the masses who have no idea there's even a debate about whether extraterrestrials are real or not.

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