Wednesday, April 13, 2011

FBi Files reveal Ufo encounter over Utah

Further new files released on the FBI Vault page look at the interesting case of a Ufo encounter over Utah back in 1949. Its a very promising step that the FBI and US government are finally making headway into the ufo disclosure progress with this initiative. If you have time i suggest you go through the Vault and if you find any interesting cases as they arise or are added  please let realUfo's know. Its likely the FBi will be releasing new ufo files over time (as long as Obama is in administration) so we will keep you posted. The media should really be taking more attention to this as well.:

On April 4, 1949, FBI agents in Utah sent a cable marked “urgent” to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. It said an Army guard at the Ogden Supply Depot, a Logan policeman and a Utah Highway Patrol officer in Mantua each saw from miles apart a UFO — which they said exploded over Utah.

Under the title “Flying Discs,” the cable said they “saw a silver colored object high up approaching the mountains at Sardine Canyon” that “appeared to explode in a rash of fire. Several residents at Trenton … [reported] seeing what appeared to be two aerial explosions followed by falling object.”
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I would say Obama has nothing to do with any documents being disclosed. He claims transparency in his administration but his administration has been anything but transparent! My hope is that it is not his doing...not because I want to be right, but because if it is someone or something outside of his administration, it may continue to be shown to the public after he is long gone.

Anonymous said...

Get it through your head, Obama has NOTHING, ZERO, NADA to do with the release of these files! You still think Obama is the "change you can believe in"? Wake up! He's just as bad as Bush was, maybe even worse!

Hieronymus Braintree said...

Let me get this straight: We're supposed to get all excited over some document that Dr. Bruce Maccabee--whom, I'd like to remind you, is not exactly what you would call a sneering debunker--declared a hoax a bunch of years ago?

I'm intrigued by UFOs too but please don't lead us on like that.

M C Walton said...

It was indeed a hoax; the hoaxer was later arrested by the FBI. Some fact checking is in order.

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