Thursday, April 14, 2011

Captured in Rockingham, Western Australia 13th April 2011

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Captured in Rockingham, Western Australia
Strange Red Orb. It had no strobe and it was silent and changed Directions pretty easily and just hovered for a good couple of minuets.

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Michael said...

Me & my brother have seen this exact same thing at least 20 times just hovering in the sky & flying around my neighborhood in the past few years. It ALWAYS does the exact same thing, hovers motionless low in the sky, starts to move slightly, and then flies off behind the ridge-line. I've always wondered what the hell it is, if it was some kind of experimental military observation vehicle, or if it's something paranormal. It doesn't make any noise, & is able to stop on a dime & hover motionless, so don't say fucking airplane!

Anonymous said...

Is this about UFO or is it a Audio Sex Video ?? Bring on the UFO Babes for some heavy breathing

Anonymous said...

They are ufos to us but not to the secretive government. It's them.

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