Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Ufo over stockholm pictures controversy 2002

This Ufo filmed stockholm in 2002 has caused some debate because its so clear - so is it a CGI (computer Generated) or real - ? Whats your opinion on this ufo picture people:
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Anonymous said...

"We don't have a clue what these things are", says Nick Pope. And he's right. Then again, I don't know the balance of my neighbors checkbook either. I also don't know what color Obama's underwear are.. or if he wears them.

I think the biggest question everyone should ask is, "How advanced have black budget technology gotten?" I believe extraterrestrial life exists as much as the next guy, but unfortunately, that belief is bubbling over to the point where there's pretty much an extraterrestrial explanation for anything impressive or mysterious.

When you consider the growth of technology in the 20th century, you realize that we're hitting a kind of crescendo. The 21st century, unless mankind is set back in a big way, will likely have even more incredible advancements. And when you consider stealth technology was being tested in the 50's, and given the exponential growth of science, can you possibly imagine what we're playing around with now?

So, believe in ET. Just don't connect the dots to suit your best interests.

Anonymous said...

it looks like it has eyes..maybe it's the flying spagetti monster :))

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