Thursday, April 23, 2009

Chemtrails now more common - our goverments solution to global warming ?

More and more now Chemtrails are seen cris-crossing our skies and are becoming an everyday phenomenon. Many of the trails are obviously not contrails (exhaust) from planes as the trails are too close together and are obviously structured that way for a reason (see below video) . 
Many people are asking why is this occuringly so often now ? and the answer is simple - its weather manipulation research:
With the rise in global temperatures and the devastating changes this brings to weather patterns, governments are concerned about the dire implications and are experimenting with cloud seeding to manipulate the weather. With a recent Pentagon report predicting the greatest threat in the next 20 years to be infact the climate and not terrorists - it predicts that coming wars and global disputes will be over  over access to water asnd so you can see why investing in weather manipulation research now is pivotal for governments world wide.
Unfortunately, cloud seeding involves spraying heavy metals into the sky, usually barium which can unknowingly lead to can lead to disease to those below - especially morgellons disease .
Surprisingly ufos are aware of these dangers Chemtrails pose are almost always seen following the aftermaths of these trails (as posted many times before).
German news report - panning the skies of chemtrails


Germany April 2009 Chemtrails

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Anonymous said...

Hey Matt,

This is a dutch news report and not german. And i don't know if they say anything about "chemtrails".

Peter said...

Yepp - is Netherlands, that means Dutch, NOT German! Believe me, I am German! ;-) And the guy in the weatherreport does not tell even a suggestion of chemtrails! Please - stay credible. Investigation only over the internet is not enough! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

yes this is so helpful.....if you live in germany!

Anonymous said...

It is a dutch news report, so please don't call it german cause im proud to be dutch!! So change it into Dutch, ok?
Thank you

Anonymous said...

It is a Dutch news report, so please dont call it german. Proud to be a dutch girl. Please change it into Dutch, ok?
Thank you

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