Saturday, February 06, 2010

Good news! - Chinese Lanterns may be banned in the UK

As you all know Chinese lanterns are a major nuisance to Ufology as they are often mistaken for Ufos because they hover very high and have no sound. So its great to hear they may be banned in the UK.
This will give us better chance to pay closer attention to the real thing.
Peers are calling on the Government to ban Chinese paper lanterns, because of a risk to cows, sheep and other livestock.

Sales of Chinese lanterns have increased dramatically in the last two years The House of Lords called for an end to their use following concerns expressed by the National Farmers' Union.

The large paper lanterns, each containing a candle and made of paper and a wire frame, are often released into the air to mark weddings, birthdays or other celebrations.They can drift for several miles and land in rural fields. Baroness Janet Fookes says the pretty decorations pose a danger to animals. A cow died recently after eating a piece of a lantern's wire frame, which ruptured its stomach.

Lantern frames are harmful to animals .The lanterns have also caused the death of a foal, which was put down after injuring itself on a fence after being spooked by the mysterious floating light.

 As well as raising concern for animal welfare, the lanterns are frequently mistaken for UFOs as they drift across towns and cities. Rural affairs minister Bryan Davies has urged manufacturers to make the lanterns biodegradable.

They have been banned in parts of China after being deemed a fire hazard, as well as causing delays to dozens of flights

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Anonymous said...

Not good news :( I love Chinese lanterns. I want to send one off myself, too. So these may be a fire hazard but what loon sets one off near trees and stuff. Hills, fields - most people have common sense.

I love UFO's, and recently this news and the fact high intensity lasers may be banned are depressing - what have us UFO hunters to look forward too?


what are the debunkers going to use as an excuse if they ban chinese lanterns.?like people cannot tell the difference in the first place!

Justin said...

One of these landed on a caravan and camping park whilst i was working as a security guard. The lantern landed on a tent and set it alight. we nearly lost a member of staff as we dragged 2 childre out of the blaze. the damn things should be banned!

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