Sunday, January 31, 2010

Triangle ufo formation Cardiff Ufo 29th Jan 2010

Just goes to show you that footage from Cardiff in the UK is not likely a satellite -
Below Triangle Ufo formatiom Taken at 6.23pm, that occured within 10 minutes of previous video.
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Anonymous said...

Are these weather balloons tied together ? I see on internet that weather balloons are of all sizes. Do air currents flow in different directions as an object goes up ?

tTruth Seeker said...

Dear Anonymous
We were up Scotland UK about 3-years ago on holiday,the nearest town to us was about 40 to 50 miles away. So when we observed the night sky we had no city light interference.One particular night we were seeing all manner of bright lights gliding back and forth,then right out of the blue came this huge triangle formation it moved majestically across the night sky like a giant wedge just like the Cardiff triangle.Anonymous if they were balloons tied together it must have been with long wooden laths to keep there position for so long. Then the balloons would have to be of such a size to lift the frame work so high.I get the feeling that if rope was used the said balloons would eventually drift in different directions as they met varying air currents.One last thought how did the balloons light up so bright?, please do not say Chinese lanterns. No! whatever its construction either 3-separate craft or one large one something is certainly not right in our sky`s
Yours Sincerely Peter

Anonymous said...

I see no out line of a craft or craft.

Push Back said...

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Anonymous said...

The question is , why do ufo's glide back and forth over the same area day after day , night after night , if you have seen one corn field you have seen them all. Why is it no one that owns a private plane goes up to have a look and take some videos at the ufo hot spots of the world? Why is it that no one goes up to get videos of chemtrails and also get samples of chemtrails. Many people own their own planes , heilocopters and even jets. At the ufo hot spots of the world.

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