Saturday, February 06, 2010

Mystery object seen near brazilian air force

This man captured what seems to be a strange oject trailing behind the brazilian air force show in May 2009.. may be a bird but it does look disc like ..
Here's the full untouched Image: any comments?

The planes of the acrobactic squadron of the brazilian air force were passing low over my neighborhood. These photos were taken from the same window of the sunset ones. Note in the photo DSCN8515, a small object on the left, behind the planes. At that time, I speculated with friends that it could be a bird, insect or even a cigarette thrown by someone on a higher floor (I live on the 4th). It looks like having volume to me, with a shadow and lighter on the top. I've never seen something, I couldn't explain, only these two objects.

Credit to bernardo
His sunset images of some jet trail from the same window of another object previously:

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