Friday, February 05, 2010

Australian RADAR anomalies 22 january 2010

Australian RADAR the bureau of meterology  has had some weird rings appear during recent storm forecasts.
Is it no co-incidence that during the same time the images appeared, NASA reported the presence of the  storm olga in australia highly unsual?
 Some people think this storm may be HAARP related:

News about this from Colin Andrews:

Questions from myself and other residents within Australia began falling into E-mail In-boxes of the Bureau of Meteorology asking for explanations about these bizarre radar patterns. There have been a few replies but ostensibly you will see that they generally claim that individual radar equipment has a problem or that the radar rain return adjustments were set too low. Still the strange returns were seen and not from one radar station but many. Why then was this problem now suddenly and mysteriously wide spread across the continent? It was not just strange symmetrical patterns that were unusual and according to some experts unique but the weather itself was bizarre and even worrying.

Tropical storm Olga strengthened and weakened three times and was noted as unusual by NASA. The storm grew into a cyclone and then began its hand held behavior into the very regions that seriously needed the water. A new Low system formed over Melbourne within hours of a huge energy pattern appearing on radar over the city. That low, called here The Melbourne Low moved north and then west where it modified Olga which itself then began its move back towards Melbourne. A
whole series of new 'energy bursts' seen on radar (perhaps unexpectedly and unintentionally) seemingly positioned like billiard balls pushing the weather busting Olga directly over the birth place of the Low and out to sea. Mission accomplished perhaps.

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Anonymous said...

A usual type and kind of Jibber Jabber. A lot of talk that does not lead any where. So here is my question , Is the result of this good or bad ? And the reasons why ?

Anonymous said...

i dont see anything like that on the radar!

Also on other weather-sites there is nothing to see like that.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to see like that. Also on other weather-sites.

Anonymous said...

It's a cover up. The very same people that are reporting this event ? are the ones that are covering it up. They talk in circles just like the weather. Idiots, lame brains and ass holes.

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