Sunday, January 31, 2010

Site improvements

Hi there,

As so many people are now using iphones and netbooks to view the blog I made a few changes to speed up the site for these devices (please note it is the videos which do slow things down). Hopefully it should load a tad quicker! Let me know how the site loads for you....

Sadly i have had to remove the live chatroll (but you can still access it using the chat link above) and the Vertias radio player to speed the site up - not sure if this is good idea or not, would you all prefer the live chat?

Also i have added a new 'read comments' section on the right for you to read the most recent comments on the blog!

If anyone has further suggestions let me know,

Keep your eyes to the skies!

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Anonymous said...

I like it without the live chat on the right side. The chat menu tab is a good idea. I was hoping you would do that. A clutter free site is a healthy site.

Dickos Fortuna said...

I agree with Anon. The live chatroll was actually usually full of people with mental health issues and spamming dorks. And the Veritas thing was kind of a cool idea, but it never quite worked properly for me. I just like your posts mainly.

Anonymous said...

the live chat is not really important, from what i've read on them, there seems to be a lot of rubbish talk any way, Matt I would really appreciate you putting the post I have sent you, I have also written to Steven Greer And President Obama, as well And this is the only way to find out if Peoples mind are ready to move to the next consciousness level, Peace

Anonymous said...

used to read this spot regular. just stopped by. first time since last oct. who is matt

SeanC71 said...

So sad to see the Veritas player gone. Was really the only thing that kept me coming back and gettting the other content. You asked, here ya go.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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