Sunday, January 31, 2010

Orbs moving - buenos aires 29 th Jan 2010

Hmm .. would like your comments of these 2 videos . at first one is some bright orb buzzing over  buenos aires Argentina  29 th Jan 2010 ( ovni = ufo)

Also some one sent me this footage of some triangle craft today as well .. but the lights blink on this one so not sure what to make of it...
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Anonymous said...

I have seen ones that moved exactly like this 3 times before.

They were about as bright as a star, and as I said moved just like this.

Dunno what it could be.

Anonymous said...

One summer, myself and two others were standing in my back yard watching dim starlike objects move across the sky as in the first video. There were scores of them. They varied in brightness—some very dim, some quite as bright as an moderately bright star— but all shared the characteristic of being "solid" looking lights (if that makes any sense—it's the only way I can describe them) of about the same size. Most travelled at the same speed, and the majority travelled in a straight line from south to north. We first spotted them after our eyes got well-adjusted to the dark (at the time, I lived in a rural place without a lot of light pollution, so it was quite dark outside), and at first we saw only two or three individual lights. We took them for satellites. Very soon, dozens appeared, following the same course, and they continued to stream across the sky for perhaps twenty minutes (our necks were sore from staring directly overhead for so long). They travelled in thin streams, small clusters, and large groups. In the groups, objects would change position relative to one another. In one case, in a line of half a dozen or so individuals, one sped up suddenly, overtook another and sort of cut in front of it. It was like watching 5:00 traffic on a major freeway. While the overall movement was a steady south to north, individual lights would suddenly reverse course, shoot off at a 90 degree angle, stop dead then resume, drift at an angle across the course of others, cruise around in broad arcs, speed up, slow down, vanish then reappear, blink on and off a few times, and so on. Since satellites can't make such sudden and dramatic maneuvers, it became apparent that we were not watching satellites or space junk. What they were, we didn't know.

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