Saturday, February 06, 2010

Bright objects near scotland Power plant Jan 2010

Bright lights near what looks like some power plant in scotland jan 2010.. they may be lanterns so i am not sure:
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Anonymous said...

C'mon now Matt, you know those aren't lanterns. It's the same pattern of lights we see all the time and lanterns from that distance would not have those characteristics. Notice the typical black on the top and bottom of each white light. So very typical in probably over 50 videos I have seen. Of course I don't have proof... but that's a real UFO and a very beautiful video of it.

Push Back said...

Well wad a ya know , some pleasant UFO Music easy to listen too. Thank you and thank you. For not putting jack ass rap , and screaming rock.

Anonymous said...

This could be the grangemouth, falkirk area in scotland. a massive sighing in this area last may but the tabloids reported it as Chinese lanterns.i witnessed this myself and can safely say it was no lantern.
more that 15 people witnessed them last may, anyway i thought i would comment on this as i dont believe these were lanterns but as i never seen this i cant be entirely sususuresusuresure

Dickos Fortuna said...

Yo, the whole link has totally disappeared on my computer! Anyone else gettin this?

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