Sunday, January 31, 2010

China reports - similar objects to those over Newfoundland ?

With the mystery of that object over Newfoundland going unsolved many people in canada and the media are frustrated with the governments response to the sighting:

The reluctance of the RCMP to share what they uncovered during their investigation of the objects, combined with the continuing reassurances of the saftey of Canadians by the federal government has not put Newfoundlanders at ease over the sighting. Indeed, while many Canadians have had some fun with the story, others have left comments on news sites saying in effect that if the sighting had been anywhere else but Newfoundland, the government would be taking the matter very seriously. source

Some people are saying the objects may be similar to those like the one below often seen over shanghai China - what are your thoughts? ....
Chinese ufologists generally agree that they are just the result of plane exhaust fumes reflecting the sun in slightly changed atmospheric conditions. Another less likely possibility is a comet and of course military rockets (although this need not be the case) :
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Anonymous said...

What I find puzzling is the duration of this event; over five minutes. That's a long time for anything near to the ground unless it is traveling very slowly. Whatever it is, it seems to be at a very high altitude. If I were to guess, based on what I'm seeing here, I would say that it is a guided missile or rocket test, and what the videographer filmed was the horizontal aspect of its trajectory far from its launch point. The other alternative would be a meteor grazing the upper atmosphere. I have seen such near-misses and they look just like what this video shows. I've never seen one that lasted as long as this video shows though; such passes usually last only seconds or maybe a minute, minute-and-a-half. I suppose it's possible that if it's a meteor it came in at a very shallow angle and a relatively slow speed (for a meteor!). It could also be a plane (perhaps a spy plane) at a very high altitude that, were it not for some freakish atmospheric conditions or engine problems which are producing a short-lived visible contrail, would be almost invisible to observers on the ground. The SR-71 and the U-2 were such planes.

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