Saturday, February 06, 2010

Mystery Object In Space. Michio Kaku On Fox

That mystery object i wrote about earlier this week mas drawn the attention of physicist Dr Michio Kaku on fox today:
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Anonymous said...

Good for Fox . Putting mystery and imagination and intertainment in our lives , thank you FOX.

Anonymous said...

I became disgusted with this false prophet of the scientific community, Michio Kaku. He has wonderful things to say about 2012, about ETs, about UFOs, etc etc. All rubbish stupid nonsense.

Daniel said...

Michio is awesome and you are idiots. Keep making fun of FOX they are the most watched and trusted channel in this country.

It is just a treat when people trash them. The jealousy is amazing.

If you ever watched it seriously you would know they ALWAYS have both sides of the argument on all the stuff they show.

There are hundreds of examples of this daily on FOX bu most people are brainwashed to think they aren't showing both sides.

Watch the shows and see for your own eyes that both sides are presented 99% of the time and how there are just as many people defending the President as there are not defending him.

Uh Juan Williams is always defending him and Bill O'Rielly is as well so shut your pie holes and get off of FOX'S Nizzies.

Anonymous said...

I generally avoid making comments in places where people talk about "pie holes", but Kaku isn't speculating that the object is an UFO. His take on it is that it's an asteroid collision, actually the aftermath of an asteroid collision, and not an UFO.

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