Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Hampshire Airport - Drone Or UFO?

The video shows what looks to be a plane without wings over New Hampshire Airport. Such a craft may be a military drone but the sighting remainins unexplained...
Any ideas what this may be?
Posters comments: What is this? I'm pretty sure it's not a plane. We live near an airport and see planes all the time. As a matter of fact we saw 2 planes not 10 seconds before this appeared. Does anyone know what this is? I'm tagging this as a UFO because I don't know what it is - not because I believe it's an ET craft.
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Anonymous said...

That was actually one of the new NAVY drones, they are slightly larger than the predator, and travel farther with greater capability. They are still in testing, probably why it was seen near an airport.

Bathtub said...

It's a conventional aircraft. The fuselage is reflecting sunlight. The wings are much less reflective and can be seen - only just at this distance - as a dark band.

UFO Vault said...

I'm actually in Boston and I jumped when I saw this was in NH (originally). However, I also have to agree that it's military.

Anonymous said...

I believe it is a Piagio turbine prop- pusher prop with rear wing and small front canard- looks weirder than any drone. There a whole fleet of them based out of Portsmouth Its a cheaper more efficient version of a small Lear jet. you will know them by the god awful noise they make

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