Friday, July 20, 2012

UFO's? Bright Craft Over Farm: Pan-Handle 15/05/ 2012

What exactly where these helicopters or craft doing over this farm late at night in thick fog?
As the original footage was apparently deleted, I don't know if this is Pan-Handle Texas or Florida.
All we know is that it said it was filmed in May 15, 2012. Is it a clever CGI ? A helicopter delivering farm equipment at night? Your feedback on this video is appreciated - also if anyone can provide further information on the exact location it would be great. Just what is happening here?
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Anonymous said...

great's definately no flying farm equipment,and if there wasn't any noise (sound),it was not one of my knowledge,we have NO technology like this.,and even if we did....what on earth would they be doing?.....

Anonymous said...

ah! the new Air Force Drones, cool shot, i like them!
but nothing Special

Anonymous said...

Spooky!...good fog cover!
Looking for cattle, maybe? right!!

What is someone doing, out late at night,in "thick fog" with a camera
expecting to video shoot, WHAT??
in a THICK FOG????...unless you new of something in advance!?

Where is the story line? to back this up.

Would you fly a helicpter in thick fog? I think that would be asking for trouble!

So,with out a good explanation for this event,one can only draw a conclusion.......?

Anonymous said...

Great video this one. If it's fake - nicely done

Michael said...

It's either really well done, high-level, professional standard CGI, or the mother of all UFO vids. No way in hell it's "farm equipment". Just to give you an idea, in order to do this in after-effects, you would have to edit every-single frame of footage by taking each 1 individually into Photoshop, then add different lighting effects along the way, Plus animate the lights to move on a path... It would be a fuckin' son-of-a-bitch to recreate this. If this is CG, this cat wasn't fuckin' around.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure ive already seen something on this, disproving the "UFO" They showed it to more than likely be large farm equipment/vehicles. Not sure where I saw it though.

When you watch and think/visualize it, it seems pretty obvious.

Bathtub said...

The poster seems very keen to demonstrate it's not farm equipment. Possibly that's because despite his best endeavours, there's no getting away from the fact that this does look uncannily like a pair of combine harvesters working at night.

Randall said...

Not helicopters or UFOs. These craft are the beginning of the end for American's and their 4th amendment rights of the US Constitution.

DRONES!! Sadly only a few Americans know drones have already been in use secretly.

Anonymous said...

If it was true, it would be disproved. It it wasn't true, it would be disproved. Honestly it's a lose lose situation. But if u post "fake", u better have a good explanation and evidence to back it up. Dont just base ur opinion on a minute of observation. Nothing could ever be would be proved that way. Then again, this is America.

Anonymous said...

um, duh
stabilize the video and speed it up 4x
it appears to be two off road vehicles with light racks
apparently doing some night hunting of some sort'
videographer may be suggesting ufo and some of the zoom shots appear to leave out more obvious signs this is a fraud.

luvoz said...

Yea I have to agree that this looks like 4 wheel drives at night, if you look carefully you can see the lights jumping up and down as the 4×4 hits rough terrain

Anonymous said...

Ufo case book did an in depth review of this video goto their site and look up "Video - Strange Lights Appear Above Rancher's Field" the date was June 21,2012. There are some very good arguments made on this sighting and as far as I can tell it is still unexplained.

Anonymous said...

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