Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cape May, New Jersey -Triangle Lights / Silent TR-3B: 10/6/2012

Slow moving triangle UFO filmed over Cape May New Jersey 10/6/12 Triangle Lights:
Filmers comments:
Very slow moving triangular object with lights on the three corners. Seemed very large and silent. I first noticed the UFO hovering off the shore and then moved inland. I was parked at S Broadway and Beach Ave in Cape May, NJ. I had my Sony NEX-C3 in the car with me so I happened to catch this. As I drove towards Beach Ave which is on the beach, I saw 3 lights in a triangle. I then pulled over and recorded the object. I zoomed in and out and it moved slowly from over the shoreline to inland. I heard no sound and it seemed be large. It continued on beyond my sight.
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luvoz said...

its a plane ,probably cant hear it because it is up so high and the wind up there was blowing away from the guy filming it.

Anonymous said...

Haha!...I refrain from a comment on this video,but am smiling at the thought,that this might well be a high flying aircraft of some sort,that can be seen but not heard,because of wind conditions up there!?...but I'm remembering some years ago,being in my back yard,and HEARING "occasionally" the sound only, of a high flying aircraft,I could only "j u s t"hear
this sound that lasted for about
30 sec.or so,then gone, but could never ever see the dam thing!? it left me wondering for some time,
just what it was,I was hearing and
not able to see:)...I heard this high flying aircraft for some years
off and on,but not anymore now!?

Ooh! I must skies,no clouds! and still not seen!

Summer actually...............

Anonymous said...

its a military drone ->

Anonymous said...

Its a plane, dude. Get a life.

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