Thursday, October 11, 2012

Low Flying UFO - Santa Fe, New Mexico: 22/09/2012

UFO light over Santa Fe, New Mexico:

A bright Object in the sky across from the moon. A few other motorists saw the same thing.
Santa Fe, New Mexico - 09-22-12 Shape: Diamond - Duration: 30 minutes Diamond shaped object in sky at sunset; we have video. We came out of a local business a little before sunset about 7 PM, and there was a HUGE bright light in the sky. I knew right away that it WAS NOT Venus; it was too big and bright. We could tell without an eye aid that it was shaped funny and NOT round. When we got home we used a small single lens device to look at the LIGHT. I could tell it was shaped like a diamond. I ran into the house and grabbed my Canon Power Shot S2 IS camera and recorded a video of it... when we played it back we could tell that it was almost glowing bluish like the lights were coming from the inside of it; like the new halogen lights in car headlights. It never moved. It sat there very still and looked eerie...
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Anonymous said...

Venus or some other planet?

luvoz said...


Anonymous said...

My coworker and his dad saw the same thing, exactly one month prior, over Santa Fe. It changed colors, then just accelerated back very fast and disappeared. Crazy. He tried to access other reports about it later on his phone, and his browser would shut down every time he tried. Crazier. We were just talking about it today.

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