Tuesday, October 09, 2012

7 Lights In Thunderstorm - Mexico

Not sure what to make of this - a strong of lights taken during a thunderstorm, and shows an array of seven lights in the sky. It they are part of an LED kite it would be a big mistake flying this during a storm . Your thoughts appreciated on this strange video...
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Anonymous said...

While this video appears to be interesting,I'm in doubt as to its authenticity,and I'll tell you why!?...at the end of this video at:0.57 PAUSE!peruse through,using your arrow keys, frame by frame, & you might need to turn the brightness up on your screen sufficiently to see what appears to me...to be a Disc of some sort!? I gather that we see this Disc in the flash of lightning
only!with an array of seven lights or Orbs in front of this Disc.

Up to this point,thats fine! even the thunderstorm!

What stuffs it up in my opinion,is this: throughout the video, there are straight bands of different cloud shadings, and you can see where the lightning strike just cuts off in mid air!? not normal,
right??..so my take on this is the
storm is real! and the ufo.real!?

BUT!..these two factors,have been brought together,from two different
occasions,so I call false representation of the facts,in this video..................

skahooch21 said...

If it's a fake, it's a good one. When the lightning strikes you can almost make out features of the lights. He does a great job of showing us at the end some of the images frame by frame. At :56 there's a large shape to the lights. Could we be seeing a mother ship?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha!...Strange video for strange times!?...I'm wondering what part of this video, people think is Real? and I don't blame them at all!...it looks real! but is it?............

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