Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Strange weather phenomenon - Ufo?

Watch how the suns Light switches and changes instantly.. no normal cloud can do this - there's something in those clouds:

Posters comments:
This "phenomenon" was watched for 20 minutes before the call for the camera went out. A slow moving thunderhead sitting above Baltimore seen from 8 or 10 miles away became a WTF type of occurrence. When the filming came back to the thundercloud it was focussed on the left and wrong part of the cloud. You can see the weird thing happen again (@2:13 or so) as it was panned into the left side when it was in the middle right section. Any thoughts? Whatever it was it seemed VERY large, changing every 15 to 20 seconds.
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Anonymous said...

I have a friend that a scientist waiting for a response from him ...

Anonymous said...

he told me that he has no idea what could be, but it makes you wonder !!!!

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