Thursday, August 26, 2010

Leslie Kean's new book takes Ufo disclosure to the next level

Leslie Keans new book “UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record” seems to be all over the media at the moment.
Apart from that terribly biased interview on the joke that is the Colbert Report ( a video i refuse to post because he gave her no chance to speak), Leslie Kean has really got the public thinking seriously about the Ufo topic again.
 I'll remind everyone that it has taken her 10 years to put this book together. She has spoken with numerous army generals, pilots, and high ranking government officials about UFO sightings that they have seen themselves. She has also documented cases where UFOs appeared on radar...

These no easy denying Ufos when you have the cold hard facts & our most credible witnesses on record:

 I've ordered my book! ... 
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Anonymous said...

Do these guys ever NOT treat this subject as a joke?

Anonymous said...

Always gotta have your jokes, eh Mr Newscaster Man.

"Maybe we can have alien watchers, alien baggage..."

Couldn't take it seriously, now could you? Never 100% serious, not for UFOs at least.

Anonymous said...

After watching Colbert last night and this guy today, I heard the same reaction from both about disclosure " maybe I don't wanna know". It's just sad that fear is keeping this reality secret.

Anonymous said...

he joked a little but come on he gave her alot of oppertunity to say what she wanted to say and she went for it and did a damn good job she sounds very profesional and had exellent answers i think over all it felt alot less bias than most of those type of shows have been in the past and mainly because she did such a good job to give credability.

shimmy4404 said...

She did a great job being professinal and serious about the subject. Of course Rattigan made assanine statements, but thats what our media today is, the lowest common denominator. I also watched the Colbert interview I thought he did give her much respect and time to get her point across. Much more than he usualy does. She is a MAJOR asset to this field.

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