Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Low Flying Meteor - Santiago Chile OVNI UFO

This video just in, and likely a very low flying meteor filmed over Santiago, Chile:
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skeeve said...

Sorry to see you removed the rating system, I want to know what others think.

skeeve said...

Sorry to see you removed the ratings, I want to know what others think.

Bathtub said...

Way too slow for a meteor. It's a plane and its contrail. I don't understand why anyone would think it was out of the ordinary.

Anonymous said...

Please stop posting videos of airplane trials that are catching the light of the sun!
Meteors move much much faster!
This is really a waste of our time and breaks down the reputation of this site!

Greg St. Pierre said...

That's an aircraft and associated contrail. Meteors are far faster than that.

Anonymous said...

We have seen this on several occassions at sunset in the southwest skys...same place, same shape, moving in the same direction every time. We are in the Midwest of USA but ours looks much farther away. Very intriguing...that's all.

Mr.Q said...

Just a contrail!

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