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Anonymous said...

If those are confirmed UFOs this is amazing footage

Anonymous said...


Ghar said...

Hi, I'm from Santiago, Chile.
The Air Force said it was a night excercise of Pillian planes.

check out this other vid:

Antonio Espinoza C. said...

Hello !
Im from Santiago, and today the press said that the lights were night exercices of planes "pillan" of the Chilean Air Force.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Puts Phoenix lights on its arse if real

Anonymous said...,22049,24785075-5001021,00.html

Anonymous said...

HI , im a big UFO fan and follower but i am have to say these are planes. Im sorry for dissapointment.

In that area of Santiago there is the cadet air force base where officers get graduated every year the second friday of every December.

Part of the ceremony is a display of night manouvers made by the "halcones" chilean air force acrobatic team.

Believe it or not chile is quite a hot spot for UFO sighting and is one of the few countries in the world where the Armed forces opened a section or special unit where UFO fenomena is seriously investigated and constantly monitored due the large ammount of sightings all year round.

They released a public document shortly after this video was available on line explaining the lights seen at night always at the same time and during the same days every year.

here is another link from where these "unexplained" lights are shown


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