Friday, December 12, 2008

UFO Expert Nick Pope Rates Sky TVs recent Ufo video

Ufo expert Nick pope talks about the recent Ufo footage on sky TV:
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Anonymous said...

I like Nick Pope. He's a very balanced thinker.

Anonymous said...

Nick Pope.. g-man untill the end.

UFO subject is increasingly difficult for governments to outright deny.

So they put in some pacifying agent like mr Pope.

Anonymous said...

Nick Pope tells us he is a ufo expert. Since when? He was only the PR man for the front desk of the MOD and only in that position for 3 years. Therefore his expertise can be dismissed out of hand. See how he evaded the questions.If Sky news wants serious points of view and answers they should interview real Ufologists such as Timothy Good and have him on air for 3 hours. Any one who formally was in the employ of the British MOD can't be trusted. These people are still under the Official Secrets Act as I am. :(

Anonymous said...

Evaded questions? You mean didn't say what you've like him to? He was very honest and well spoken. He's being objective.

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