Thursday, January 28, 2010

Police say Ufo over Newfoundland now a Military issue

The mystery about that object seen over in Canada this week deepens with police saying its out of their hands and now a Military issue:

People who saw a missile-like object soaring through the sky over a small rural community in Newfoundland Monday night are getting no answers about what it was, although police say they'd gotten to the bottom of the mystery.

We confirmed that it was something," Sgt. Wayne Edgecombe told CBC News Wednesday. But Edgecombe said he couldn't reveal what the police investigation uncovered.

He said the focus of any police investigation is on whether something criminal has occurred.

"It's nothing criminal," he said, in relation to the unidentified object.

Edgecombe said he contacted the Department of National Defence and "they gave me some info," but he said that it is up to that department to release the information publicly.

Defence department officials were refusing comment.

The sighting has intrigued people in the Harbour Mille area, with some saying they were told by officers who were in the community Tuesday investigating the sightings, that the objects were test missiles launched from the nearby French islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon.Edgecombe said that rumour is completely false.

The suggestion that the object possibly involved the military has Liberal MP Gerry Byrne, who represents the Newfoundland riding of Humber-St. Barbe-Baie Verte, demanding answers.

"There's a credible body of evidence," Byrne told CBC News, "that suggests there's something spectacular happened off of our shore. Before this goes any farther, I think the government needs to actually respond very quickly with a straightforward, factual statement."

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Jeff said...

If you haven' read the source, you should.

A UFO for sure but probably man-made. Sure seems like there are a lot of missile tests going on in secret.

More articles like this please!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

there was another three similar objects flying offshore minutes apart.

heres the article:

Anonymous said...

It is interesting how so many people are so insistent it is either:
1) a meteor
2) a jet contrail lit up by sunset

But the official word from the Prime Minister's Office is that this is probably just model rocketry shot off by amateurs and stresses there is no evidence of any missile. The RCMP implied it was a military matter so I am quite sure we will never know what it really is/was.

The witnesses claim the object emitting the contrail/smoke was a large silver/grey bullet-shaped object.

Note when I first saw it I thought it was probably a jet contrail, but you would think if that was the case, the government would have said so. Same goes for a meteor - whenever there is a meteor sighting, there are all kinds of scientists on TV talking about it. None so far this time.

Slushie Man said...

As a resident of a nearby area to this, I can tell you that there is no military tests ever done on or near Newfoundland. There is no military presence here at all apart from a very tiny, and quickly-dying Airforce base run by a skeleton crew, and they don't even have any airplanes there. Its pretty much just a desk job (I should know, my dad used to work there years ago). Anyway, as I was saying, Newfoundland isn't the place where military tests happen.

Anonymous said...

they know whats in our air space at all times so they don,t know what this was ////

Anonymous said...

THIS IS THE COLD WAR. Dont be fooled.

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