Friday, January 29, 2010

Believe In UFOs by Danny Dyer

Interesting new documentary you may all like to see that aired in the Uk recently looking at Ufos and crop circles.Danny Dyer looks at both the skeptics view and those who believe - and note there is some interesting  footage caught here, especially when he is wit James Gilliland at Mt Adams:

Part 4
Part 5
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Anonymous said...

Ooyy ET did you spill my pint? Im well ardd!

Good docu from the view of a novice.

Jeff said...

Hahaha Danny Dyer is a great host. A great show.

Great set of post this week!

deferred emperor said...

i never knew danny dyer was a ufo ET believer, i mean i liked the bloke as an actor he was awesome as moff in human traffic and was awesome in outlaw, i have even more respect for him now well done danny, is it me or is there alot of films and programs about ufos and the possibility of ET's of late. seems that a bit of the old public awearness is going on world wide, planting the nugget in the minds of the skeptic and the closed minded, can't wait for disclosure i am ready been ready for years i want my star trek life style!!!

Anonymous said...

The shirt is rude and crude. On that alone , I don't care what he has to say. He can have an alien right next to him and I can care less.

Seraphin said...

never knew danny dyer was a into ufo's, nice one!

Anonymous said...

Danny Dyer is simply a pink socked, shrill Foxtrot-Alfa-Golf - to use military spelling. No scientific background, no logical thinking, no education. Simply nothing, nada, what turned his babble into an authoritative source of information. Don't believe it? Simply enter his name in Google, click on videos - and you will run into nude images of him; presented in embarassing positions - on gay websites.
And his incompetence culminates in part 6, when he buys into Gilliland's fantastic infamous ufo-on-demand-show. What would he do without LED-kites, ultralights and his helium-balloons with signal flares?


great document!does anyone know if Danny dyer is the SAME GUY THAT DOES ALL OF THE CREDIT REPORT.COM COMMERCIALS?

Dr Reason said...

Far more interesting/credible

ufonutter said...

I think danny done a triffic job on ufo hunting.
He seems a nice man and funny with it.
Its great that, In is own way he as brought the awarness of ufo"s to mr average in is down to earth manner.
And it would be great to see you do more of this type of ufo hunting on furure tv work. maybe along side other celebs,

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