Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bright UFO Above Sävedalen, Sweden: 31/3/2012

Sent in by a reader, this is an interesting video of a UFO filmed hovering over Sävedalen Sweden, a few months ago:

This UFO appeared when we where on a walk as usual, at first it looked like a big spiral shaped orange cloud, it then started to get larger and become more like a orb until it got closer and started to alter is own shape.

No they are not airplanes.. They don´t show up on radar and they are not airplanes, they violate every possible law for a civilian aircraft, open up your eyes do not be fooled no more.
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Anonymous said...

If your going to film a UFO in a dark sky, try and keep a fixed point of reference in the video (tree, light, anything). Otherwise, there is not way to tell if the UFO is moving or if the video cam is ? For all intensive purposes, this could of been a regular lamp post ? How can we tell ?

Anonymous said...

i actually live really close to this guy and i see strange stuff in the skies there aswell! I mean, most of them turn out to be "airplanes" in the end, because there is 2 airports close by. BUT, this guy might be right! The UFOs that i see, most likely the ones he have seen aswell, is probably not planes. I have seen planes both in day and night time and none of them really looks like this in the beginning if you know what i mean. I think this is an excellet video showing what is going on around Sävedalen right outside of Gothenburg, Sweden. I also believe they change how they look too "fool" people. It's not impossible, i mean, if you think about the universe, and that there might be other planets out there that has alot more technology than us, perhaps 1 million years ahead of us, then its not that weird atall. Think about our planet in 1 million years (if we still live here ofcourse). The Universe is so facinating! I LOVE IT!:) And we are going to see alot more of this as time go by, i promise!

Anonymous said...

With the danger of being shot down by the poster, it looks like an aircraft flying towards the camera through low cloud to begin with before breaking through and showing itself to be an aircraft flying over.

Anonymous said...

Is this right though, to call this a ufo!?....this doesn't show up on
radar,and dosen't have a shape, but
"CAN BE" of any shape!!?

So, the question is: what is it?
and the answer might be: anything it wants to be!?...can you believe
that?... w a y o u t!!?

It has been said, that ETs. technology, is umteen years ahead of our understanding, so we can only do our best to get a grip on it.

Can you imagine the ENORMOUS ENERGY
in this light? that can convert into "whatever" at will!?

I mean where would this energy come from? Would this energy be a
projection of light from elsewhere
and perhaps not from a ufo.or maybe
it is from a large mothership not too far away,that may be cloaked,and not seen,but the light its self is just "pure energy!"
because the ETs. are on a mission to catch our attention,that all is not what it seems to be!!...and that could be part of the slow disclosure, on their part,without being too obvious.

Think of the objects seen around the sun!...and what about the crop circles that seem to be showing us something...its all about technology, thats out of our reach
and beyond our comprehension to understand what it is, we are all seeing,and I think it not all about
ufo.alone,but about energy as well,
hence,the PARANORMAL............

Anonymous said...

I know this is going to sound mad, but I've noticed that your new preferential color in your site is orange. Lately I have been feeling the urge to use orange (a color I used to hate) more and more in my designs.

Anyone else out there feeling attracted to the color orange? or are we being somehow influenced by looking at all these orange UFO's.
Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 9:37pm.

Thanks for your thoughts, & no,no,no, not "sound mad at all!"

A reasonable question! in your comment,I would say: "the latter!"

But once I didn't like a lot of things, NOW I do!! If we were to ask you: what is your "favorite" color? could be asked,..WHY?
There's your analyses!?

Its like asking: What is your favorite song? well that can be in
association with:..? same with color!

Like: Green Peace!Blueskies, "Freedom!"
Red, "warning-danger!"
White, Pure! and so on.

Color association, can grow on you
like music!?:)

Orange,Red,& yellow, can be associated with Flames!...LIGHT!!
and this..............

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