Wednesday, September 12, 2012

UFO Orbs Overhead? Los Angeles: 8/09/2012

Saturday the 8th of September, these bright lights were seen over Los Angeles.
Any ideas on what they were? Did anyone in LA see similar orbs recently?
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Anonymous said...

Gang, if we can cut out the silly stuff like Chinese Lanterns we can spend a little more energy on true anomalies. I don't cast a vote for "fake" or "real" because I fear that these folks believe they saw something incredible.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but unfortunately these were probably Chinese lanterns, the first two may have been tethered together. I've been around a group of people who thought what they were seeing was something extraordinary and I had to break the news that it was just that, lanterns. It's disappointing, I want more than anyone for these to be alien spacecrafts.

Anonymous said...

yep chinese lanterns, seen them before and lookked exactly the same, good catch though :)

Anonymous said...

For a very long time,people around the world have been seeing something INCREDIBLE!!..incredible
enough for them to share with us,that which they have seen,but sharing this experience with us,does NOT make this incredible!!

What would be incredible,would be to see an object for what it "IS" IDENTIFIABLE,that's "beyond belief"
THAT would be incredible!!!

But today, its gone way too far!

If it moves, with lights! & is in the distance,Oh! and make sure its
grainy,so it can't be identifiable SHOOT IT!!! and now we will call this INCREDIBLE!? How far can we stretch the imagination before we get to see the real thing on the net? are we THAT short of flying saucers,Hahahaha! that we can only spend our time pondering over; PLANES,CHINESE LANTERNS,BALLOONS, & what ever else you can think of.I know this probable is not going to change much,but it does identify the word:

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