Friday, September 14, 2012

Odd & Bright! Long Lights Above Moscow: 14/09/2012

These bright and long lights were recently seen over the skies of Moscow, Russia on September 14th, 2012.
Does anyone have ideas as to what these lights were?  If you're a resident of or were traveling in Moscow, we would like to know if you saw these lights...

These lights were strangely similar to this footage filmed a few months ago:

Object filmed the day 03.02.2012, between 19:30 and 20 pm. was suspended in the air 40 minutes without moving, until he suddenly disappeared without any face, if form was similar to a cigarette, very bright, (light only) and completely silent. (at one point began to lengthen and disappeared) then just fails to grasp that film with a camera (PANASONIC LUMIX 14MEGAPIXELS 8X) which leaves no zoom in or out while recording zoon !
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Anonymous said...

normal planes in the cold sky.
The Dawnsun reflecting on the planes. nothing special

Tomás said...

Similar objects in the sky of Barcelona, Spain in nov 2011. I have raw photos

Pedro López said...

esa misma luz estaba hoy 14 de septiembre a las 7.30 am en castellon Spain como a 10 kilometros costa adentro

Bathtub said...

Both pieces of footage show that some aircraft contrails are shorter than others.

Lady said...

What we need on this site is follow ups and someone with the ability to enhance these video's and pictures and use different filters so we can see these up closer and get a better look. So many times I have seen curious video's and there's no enhancement when they look interesting. I ask the site manager to consider this since it will really improve the sites content and perhaps prove some interesting facts, I myself would do this but I am not skilled enough in computers. This video is interesting and there seems to be something round leaving a contrail or tail, all we need is a closer look

Anonymous said...

I have great pics of the one in Phoenix. The trail starts in mid air and is white hot. Then it hooks and makes a rainbow.

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