Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bit out there guys - - Mount ISA UFO ?

Hi Guys,
This is a really out there but Brian from had a really interesting ufo dream predicton this week. I have been following Brian's site site since 2005 and i am always shocked when these things come true. Actually I didnt think much of his site until strangely, things i read started to occur in the news . He's predictions have a fairly high accuracy rate and he has successfully predicted events such as the landfall and timing of hurricane Katrina, the UK subway bombings and the recent Chinese earthquake. If you don't believe me check the list of confirmed dreams against predated posts from the Internet archive - you'll see what i mean!

Although still a prediction, Brian's recent dream is quite alarming and points to some object being retrieved from Mount ISA in Australia:

"red blue, 7th string, look for green streak in sky - it's not a sonic boom - string 7 shift ISA mountain 2137 Australia ADF trucks are going to mine now"...several military trucks are going to ISA Mountain in Australia, I checked and this is a real place. I think this is some sort of worm hole devise, very strange and very least for me.

Important notes in interpreting this dream

  • Yes Mount ISa does exisit and is a mining town in Australia
  • Mount ISA has many long term reports of ufos and even a crash retrieval
  • ADF stands for the Australian Defence Force ( like the CIA but australian version)
  • ‘String’’ sounds like the string theory from physics - basically interdimensional travel

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Anonymous said...

If he ever dreams the Lottery numbers make sure you post them here.

Anonymous said...

Anyone see the movie "The Mist"

Anonymous said...

Please, why put an ad site up? No one is that stupid are they? Leave this web site for reporting and findings, not PPV sites...Thx.

Anonymous said...

this is not an add,
brian is a good friend and i think his dreams are of interest

LEAX said...

Coomoon just look on his predictions ... if it even was an advertisement then what ?? His predictions are awesome ...

Lich said...

Such skill is called "Remote Viewing"

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