Friday, June 13, 2008

Tirangle Ufos again - Australia 1999

Sydney August 1999 multiple triangle ufos appeared
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SoD said...

In this New Era of Awareness …. it’s needed to be known .… that because of a massive failure in a specific Celestial Mainstream of Technology’ ... many unidentified Drones, Facilities, and UFOs in the sky will become visible ….

I’t time for ’All People’ to know there are many Regional Celestials of many different sect associated with this planet… many of which travel in their own Designs of celestial FLOATS (meaning Flyers Levitating Of Advanced Technology)…. And because of the many Foreign-Celestials which travel from abroad through distance dark space who are unrelated to the many sect already associated with this planet …. The UK should now be forth-coming ... the UK should now be called if nothing more , the New UECK ... United Earth and Celestial Kingdoms ...

If you were to ask any Regional Celestial or a Foreign Celestial who were keeping secret their association with any particular upper-sect …. ‘if there were Aliens?’ …. they would indeed say no … and would be well within the range of truth, because they do not consider themselves ‘Aliens’ … nor do they consider their Crafts of flight, ‘Unidentified’ ….

It is now becoming common knowledge that Regional Celestials have been secretly apart of this planet’s activities since early surface evolution … Ancient Celestials were as nurturing and mothering care-takers hidden behind Earth's original frequency Veil ... and now because of failing unorthodox power Facilities of another specific Foreign Civilization who once traveled from distance space …. And who through trickery and deceit, gained control over US Government eons ago …. A great number of things hidden and kept secret from earthen population will at first gradually come into view as many Regional Celestials struggle uselessly to reestablish cloaking abilities …

Many power facilities once elevated in secrecy as to further establish linkage of colonized relay stations stretching up through dark space reaching the highest point of this particular group of Foreign Celestial who invaded Earth Moon long ago, Will indeed fall from place ….

The effects of this spill-over as elevated worlds fall from their once held high position, has been referred to as the opening of Seven Seals.

And those many original celestial facilities which were already associated with this planet, who adapted their power facilities to draw from the Foreign Invader’s ‘Unorthodox Satellite Transmitter’ as to sustain or acquire greater power abilities to their own individual power sources, these Will gradually become visible both in upper an inner skies of this planet …

But there are also the countless Extra-Celestials who hold residence up and outside this the Seventh Universal Plane of endless darkness ….

I’m just an Old Soul passing through, given something important to say as the new UFO era now approaches …Nothing to sell … Nothing to Buy … just answers to the many ’WHYs?’. … [email protected]

Anonymous said...

bloody chavs scaring off ufo's with their hoodie antics!

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